This is the International Lhasa Apso Congress

In 1996 some breeders in different countries started an international organisation for the Lhasa Apso. The name of this organisation is ILAC, International Lhasa Apso Congress. The purpose of ILAC is to enroll breeders for the fight against PRA as the first aim.

ILAC is standing free from politic and economic interest in every country and every Lhasa Apso Club. We have no board, no chairman or secretary and no money to take care of. We intend to engage at least two persons from each country as contact persons. The Clubs can recommend any person to be an official ILAC representative in their country, but not to be an official Club representative in ILAC.
The work is meant to be as close as possible to, or in cooperation with the different Lhasa Apso Clubs. The official language is English. The advantage for the Lhasa Apso Clubs are that all new PRA-cases (and other important facts) quickly come to the contact in each country. The Breed Club will be informed, and the breeders which it may concern can be contacted immediately.

Because we are interested in facts only, the registered dogs eyes must be examined by a certified veterinary ophthalmologist who also certify the dogs ID# (microchip/tattoo).

We also intend to have an annual meeting with contact persons from all countries to discuss the working conditions in our organisation. The newest from science and veterinary medicine will also be presented.



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